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Breakfast Church 

Food-Faith-Community-Conversation: that sums Breakfast Church up perfectly!  

One of the things that is important at Harrogate Baptist Church is community, which is one of the reasons why we established Breakfast Church.  Happening monthly (except for the months of August and December), we meet from 10am for breakfast - choose from bacon butties, porridge, croissants and a range of drinks.  Then share some time connecting with people on your table or grab one of the Sunday papers to read, before we 'formally' begin around 10.30am.  Faith is explored through worship, prayer, reflections shared and discussed around your table.  It's all very informal but there's no pressure -  just join in at whatever level you feel comfortable.

Breakfast Church has been 'suspended' until we can meet safely again.  We'll let you know when it starts again - then, why not join us one Sunday to experience Breakfast Church for yourself?  We'd love to make space for you around the table.

Ann Chesworth, 24/02/2020