Church Ministry

Prayer chain is another way of expressing prayer for those we know to be in need.  Your prayer request will be dealt with by a group of people sensitively and in complete confidence.


The Prayer Chain


The Deacons are a group of Church Members who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Church.

At the moment the group consists of:

Minister: Rev. Ann Chesworth

Secretary: Charlie Barrett                   Treasurer: Lindsay Lansdall

Deacons: Steve Barrett, Nigel Lister, Rob Morgan, Kathy Lewis, Ann Maye and Mark Dixon

Pastoral Care

Whilst it is the responsibility of each one of us to care for fellow members of our church family and to support one another we do have a team of Pastoral Carers comprising Sherry Humberstone, Anne Maye, Dorothy Rimington and Tricia Hoskins and they, together with our Minister, Ann Chesworth, extend friendly helping hands to the membership and friends of our church in and around Harrogate.

We also recognise that members of groups that meet regularly have a particular responsibility to one another in this respect.

If there is an issue of pastoral care which is a concern please have a word with a member of the Pastoral Care Team or telephone Ann, Sherry or our Church Secretary, Charlie Barrett.


Rev. Ann Chesworth

Ann can be contacted on (01423) 421620 or you can send her a message.

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